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Trophy Shippers are a division of Edward J. Zarach & Associates, a licensed Customs broker. Zarach will handle the Customs clearances and additional government agencies releases your hunting trophies require to enter the United States.  We act on your behalf in filing the entries with the proper government agencies.  Our company’s expertise lies in clearing specialized cargo through US Customs and Border Protection, US Fish and Wildlife, USDA, CDC, and many more.


CITES exam fee: $93*

*If there are CITES animals in the shipment it will be subject to a $93 CITES exam fee from the US-FWS.


Trophy Shippers are a division of Edward J. Zarach and Associates, a US company with multiple locations offering global freight forwarding services. We can arrange shipment for your trophies from the point of your hunt to your doorstep.  There are many moves necessary between a foreign country and your door, so let Edward J. Zarach & Associates and Trophy Shippers handle all of your transportation needs for you.  You handle the hunt, we’ll handle the rest! Contact us for a quote today!


TrophyShippers.com is a division of Edward J. Zarach and Associates, Inc., a US company, for marketing use only. TrophyShippers.com advertises and promotes the services of Edward J. Zarach & Associates, Inc., to consumers and businesses seeking to transport and enter hunting trophies into the United States. All work performed and invoiced by Edward J. Zarach & Associates, Inc. Edward J. Zarach & Associates is a full service customs broker and freight forwarder with multiple US locations.

Trophy Shippers is a business that is for the hunter by the hunter

We will arrange to ship hunting trophies back to the United States and clear Customs and the required additional government agencies.